SBTT Tabatinga

Serves : Tabatinga, Brazil                   Airport type : Public with scheduled passenger service​

Compatibility : Microsoft FS (in 2020), P3D V3 to P3DV4.5              Size : 48  Mb

Version : 1.0

Delivery method : direct download via the Download Center

This scenery is available for download through your FS+ account


The best airport to explore the heart of Amazonia. Tabatinga international is located at the tree borders "Três Fronteiras" area of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. Through this scenery you will enjoy a typical medium tropical city at the bank of the Amazon river, the airport is classed second in terms of passenger in the state of Amazonas with 72 126 passengers in 2015 just after Manaus. Between 2015 and 2016, the airport starts to expand by funds from government and Infraero, the airport could support now 2.3 millions of passengers.

Key Features

  • Detailled rendition of Tabatinga SBTT

  • Ambient occlusion,cavity, specular and bump map baking

  • Custom landclass

  • Large enhanced landclass area around the airports

  • Corrected cities, roads and rivers

  • AFCAD and ground polygon match their real conterparts

  • Perfectly integrated with ORBX Global landclass and/or ORBX South America

  • A static Cessna 208 from the Brazilian Air Force (SIVAM Unit)

Screenshots gallery 

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