South America Landclass region

Serves : South America                 Product type : Landclass, POI, vectors, mesh

Compatibility : P3DV3 to P3D V4.5              Size : (various) Mb

Version : 1.0

Delivery method : direct download via the Download Center

This scenery is available for download through your FS+ account


South America Landclass region marks the comeback of one of our greatest product "OFX South America Evolution", adapted and updated to P3D standard we cover the whole south american continent and a part of Central America with landclass, waterclass and a mesh. We added POIs of main and secondary cities of each country covered and more landmarks will come with each updates.

Key Features

  • Lowpoly POIs

  • Ambient occlusion,cavity, specular and bump map baking

  • Landclass for the whole continent and you can use South America Landclass region with ORBX OpenLC South America

  • Waterclass

  • Mesh at LOD9 (18 118 032 km²)

  • Corrected cities, roads and rivers

  • Updates published each month 

  • 4 files furnished : OFX - South America - Landclass region ; OFX - South America - POI ; OFX - South America - orbx_openlc_sa_compatibility ; OFX - South America - Mesh

  • You can mix ORBX OpenLC South America with our POI for example or use the full package if you don't own OpenLC

  • OFX - South America - Landclass region ; OFX - South America - orbx_openlc_sa_compatibility are necessary for the next updates as it contains base files.

  • Greatly improved over the precedent release OFX South America Evolution (now available for free -> here)

  • It is highly recommended to have ORBX Global, Vectors and or OpenLC South America because landclass and others modifications on vectors are made to blend with that products.

Screenshots gallery 

V1.0 -> Landclass, waterclass, some vectors and a full mesh at LOD9 + Caracas POIs part 1 + Santiago POIs part 1 + Venezuela Static ships environment + improvement at Bogota city and Torre Colpatria

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