Microsoft FS World airports

                                                    Serves : World coverage        Airport type : Various                                                          

Compatibility : Microsoft FS        Size : (various) Mb

Version : 1.0 (part 1)

Delivery method : direct download via the Download Center

This scenery is available for download through your FS+ account

The world airports series permit to transform all your default airports in MSFS 2020 into their real counterpart. The series is declined by country in which each airports are enhanced with lite or very detailed models of the airport, custom objects, custom 3D lights, enhanced ground polygon and AFCAD. The series take advantages from the new platform with for example no photoreal coverage needed for scenery anywhere on the planet.

World airports contains airports, airfields and heliports released into several updates to cover more and more aviation infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Custom lite or very detailed airports models (airports, airfields and heliports are regularly added)

  • Models, objects, ground polygon and AFCAD are geoplaced according to their real position (FS2020 SDK)

  • Fully compatible with the worldwide photoreal coverage of MSFS 2020

  • Some airports compatible with P3DV4

  • No more default airports in your simulator

Screenshots gallery (please note that we are not authorized to publish MSFS2020 in game screenshots)

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