Everything to ride smoother with our products and services.

How to install your games ?

Our products (freewares and paywares) are very easy to install, after the download you will have to either launch an executor (.exe) and simply click on next until the end of the process or make a copy/paste of the game file in the corresponding section (Addon Scenery, Scenery, Simobjects ...) and load it into your simulator's library.

Why i need to read the readme file of each games ?

Each of our creations are accompanied by a "readme" file that you must read if you want more information including the version of the game you have and installation instructions.

How to update Flight Studios sceneries ?

To find out if an update is available for your products just visit our site regularly and in particular the product page of the game. The readme file usually contains informations about the version you currently have. To install your update, repeat the detailed instructions in the "readme" file and accept any requested file replacements, then refresh your set library in FSX or P3D and save.

How to become an FS+ member ?

To become a member of the program you will have to follow 3 main steps before taking advantage of our download center.
Step 1 : register for free on the site.
Step 2 : Pay your subscription of 30,00 € for one year or buy a 5,00 € Month Pass by registering preferably with the same email of your free registration.
Step 3 : Once your account is activated by our team you will benefit from all the services associated with your status.

How to manage my FS+ subscription ?

If your subscription is set for one year you will pay your subscription one time each year at the date of your initial payment, of course you can unsubscribe at any time by going to this page. In case of particular problem contact the support.

If you buy a one month pass (Month Pass) you will pay a subscription access of 30 days to our Flight Simulator Asset Center, after that period if you unsubscribe you will be automaticaly downgraded to a free member status.

Abbreviations used

FSX : Microsoft Flight Simulator X

FSX-SE : Microsoft Flght Simulator X Steam Edition

FS : Microsoft Flight Simulator (or MSFS, MSFS 2020)

P3D : Lockheed Martin P3D

Flight Studios nomenclature

We propose a simple and clear nomenclature for our products. The nomenclature is constructed as follows :

For an airport : FS - USA - New York JFK_KJFK [ FS = Flight Studios ; USA = country where the airport is located  ; New York = the city ; JFK = sometimes the name of the airport ; KJFK = the airport ICAO code. ]

When a product covers a large area including various countries the term "World" is added : FS - World - Ship Environment_English channel

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