Aviation World Qatar

Serves : Qatar (whole country coverage)                    Type : Airports, Heliports, charts, maps, POI, living world

Compatibility : Microsoft FS (in 2020), P3D V3 to P3DV4.5        Size : (evolutive)  Mb

Version : 1.0

Delivery method : direct download via the Download Center

This scenery is available for download through your FS+ account


Aviation world Qatar edition overhaul the country of Qatar, it is build to offer a comprehensive, integrated, more accurate and living flight simulator world for that country. Aviation World series is divided into 4 major parts grouped into a package.

Airports, airfields and heliports - File(s) : each airports in individual file.

* Al Khor_OTBK [work in progress, coming soon]

* Al Udaid AB_OTBH

* Doha_OTBD

* Doha_OTHH

* Dukhan Tamin AB_(airbase to be opened soon in Qatar, no ICAO airport code for the moment)

Point of Interest (POI) - File(s) : Qatar - VFR landmarks_Vectors_LivingWorld_POI

* Very important POI notably those near airports, airfields and heliports, those in sight during takeoff and landing operations.

* Stadium, Hospital, key buildings, ports, industrial complex, various custom autogen houses to lend to a new depth of realism.

* VFR landmarks, photoreal area (only for P3D).

Living world - File(s) : Qatar - VFR landmarks_Vectors_LivingWorld_POI

* Animals animations (mostly the representation of bird hazard at or near airports).

* Boat AI traffic and static models (Dhow boats, LNG Tanker at Ras Laffan, Chemical boats, Qatar Emiri Navy). 

Aeronautical charts and maps - File(s) : Qatar - Aeronautical charts and maps

* Flight Studios Basic airports, airfields and Heliports charts for all aviation infrastructure in the country.

* Link or free download to access free real world map, AIM and AIP (in this case coming from the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority).

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